Poem published: “Cliffsides”

Pleased to have my poem, “Cliffsides” published in First Literary Review-East. Please visit & support this awesome journal!


We were foolish and giddy in our expectation.
I knew nothing of kites, but you’d wanted one, so I bought one.
A few weeks later, we drove up the mountain into the wind,
our unsuitable car creaking resentfully. Halfway, the fire road
cut to a clearing leading to a drop. We parked, you put your hair up.
It was hard for me to hold onto the starfish and spinner, but I got it airborne,
handed you the controls. You chuckled at the pull and let it take you,
running through the grass until I caught you in a soft cross-tackle.
You’d come too close to the cliff’s edge. Were you only watching the sky?
The kite crashed and you scowled beneath me.
Days later, you glued squares of the kite’s fabric onto the panes
of the French doors where it glowed greenly in our southern light.

Published by Brendan McEntee

Poet and critic living in New York near Long Island Sound.

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