Poem: “The Heart Again”

The Heart Again

There’s the heart of course, and the tongue, and the way the shoulder still hurts
despite being ignored out of existence.
There's a calf, twitching.
There's a muscle beneath the knee
There's the ones that join the eye that sees unsaid things.

There's the heart again. 

There's the heart again.
What does it remember?
The arm remembers.
The neck remembers.

There's a hand cramp that says that the hand is working,
The sharp drive onto the elbow reminding of the pain that is living.

There’s the heart again.

There’s tongue--moving again
avoiding the eye
avoiding the tongue avoiding
what it couldshouldmight but  doesn’t say.

There's the heart again.

Published by Brendan McEntee

Poet and critic living in New York near Long Island Sound.

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