Poem: Deathbed Wisdom

Deathbed Wisdom The shadow of her arm falls long across the wall. Once, she’d climbed a bald cypress in summer wearing an ivory shift. Once, she’d kissed a stranger in a rainstorm who tasted of bourbon and sea spray. The electric impulse of her stutters, fails. Her body sighs. The recording machines, always bright, alwaysContinue reading “Poem: Deathbed Wisdom”

Poem: “The Heart Again”

The Heart Again There’s the heart of course, and the tongue, and the way the shoulder still hurts despite being ignored out of existence. There’s a calf, twitching. There’s a muscle beneath the knee There’s the ones that join the eye that sees unsaid things. There’s the heart again. There’s the heart again. What doesContinue reading “Poem: “The Heart Again””

Poem: “There May Always Be the Trees”

Reading my poem, “There May Always Be the Trees” first published in Bloom. There May Always Be the Trees Night came in early— November and a first dusting. A cold stone wall, our dog, woods beyond the field all becoming a mystery at dusk. The fear of unnecessary injury and the winding down of theContinue reading “Poem: “There May Always Be the Trees””

Poem: “Retreat Wounded”

Poem, “Retreat Wounded,” published in First Literary Review-East. Retreat Wounded We made the best of a gray day, playing explorer on a riverbank not far from the road. You hunted heart-stones, ones that I’d fill in a bamboo bowl. Bluegrass music floated down from an upriver camp, reminding us that we weren’t alone. You calledContinue reading “Poem: “Retreat Wounded””

Poem: “Never Save the Drowning Man”

Poem recently published in The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Anthology 15. I finally learned the lessonafter too many seasons–never save the drowning manwho returns to the waves,never save the burning womanwho returns to the wildfire. And by save, I mean try to save,and by try to I mean fail. Flailing under the ocean,breathing in their ash.Continue reading “Poem: “Never Save the Drowning Man””

Poem published: “Cliffsides”

Pleased to have my poem, “Cliffsides” published in First Literary Review-East. Please visit & support this awesome journal! Cliffside We were foolish and giddy in our expectation.I knew nothing of kites, but you’d wanted one, so I bought one.A few weeks later, we drove up the mountain into the wind,our unsuitable car creaking resentfully. Halfway,Continue reading “Poem published: “Cliffsides””

Poem: Ocean Breaks

Ocean Breaks After draining the last of the burned coffee I replace the lid and push the cup into the sand, pull my feet back to sit on my haunches wrap my arms around my knees as if I were five again, lost among the ladies’ coats in Macy’s, waiting to be found, not hidingContinue reading “Poem: Ocean Breaks”

Poem: The Next Necropolis

The Next Necropolis The crowds will come, some in ceremony, waltzing through the sleet. Weary of legacy, they register their ambivalence. Candles sputter in rainfall; cadence of light misfires. Once the wounds are open they can only be stitched up to heal: the scar becomes memory’s tabernacle. Tonight, you’ll earn your own.   _____________________________________________________________________ firstContinue reading “Poem: The Next Necropolis”

Poem: Ways and Plans

Ways and Plans He spoke to his mother’s corpse through his sister’s cell-phone. She sat with the body, ten minutes too late to watch the death. He leaned on the bathroom sink in the back of the stockroom in the dark. She set the phone on speaker. He mewled apologies through the air, noise becameContinue reading “Poem: Ways and Plans”