Poem: “Never Save the Drowning Man”

Poem recently published in The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Anthology 15. I finally learned the lessonafter too many seasons–never save the drowning manwho returns to the waves,never save the burning womanwho returns to the wildfire. And by save, I mean try to save,and by try to I mean fail. Flailing under the ocean,breathing in their ash.Continue reading “Poem: “Never Save the Drowning Man””

Poem published: “Cliffsides”

Pleased to have my poem, “Cliffsides” published in First Literary Review-East. Please visit & support this awesome journal! Cliffside We were foolish and giddy in our expectation.I knew nothing of kites, but you’d wanted one, so I bought one.A few weeks later, we drove up the mountain into the wind,our unsuitable car creaking resentfully. Halfway,Continue reading “Poem published: “Cliffsides””

Poem: Ways and Plans

Ways and Plans He spoke to his mother’s corpse through his sister’s cell-phone. She sat with the body, ten minutes too late to watch the death. He leaned on the bathroom sink in the back of the stockroom in the dark. She set the phone on speaker. He mewled apologies through the air, noise becameContinue reading “Poem: Ways and Plans”