Poem: “Never Save the Drowning Man”

Poem recently published in The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Anthology 15. I finally learned the lessonafter too many seasons–never save the drowning manwho returns to the waves,never save the burning womanwho returns to the wildfire. And by save, I mean try to save,and by try to I mean fail. Flailing under the ocean,breathing in their ash.Continue reading “Poem: “Never Save the Drowning Man””

Poem: Ocean Breaks

Ocean Breaks After draining the last of the burned coffee I replace the lid and push the cup into the sand, pull my feet back to sit on my haunches wrap my arms around my knees as if I were five again, lost among the ladies’ coats in Macy’s, waiting to be found, not hidingContinue reading “Poem: Ocean Breaks”